Online Poker Confidence: Two joker388 Secrets to Building It

his article is intended for advanced or intermediate online poker players who want to improve their confidence and move up the ranks.

Did you ever feel like other players knew if you had a strong or weak hand when you joined an online poker room? Everyone else will fold if you start betting with a strong hand. If you were dealt a hand of medium strength, you would see your opponent bet heavily and force you to fold.

This is not a common feeling. The most common reason for this is that you don’t use the same tools your opponents are using against them, which can put you at a disadvantage. There are many online poker tools, and it’s not easy to identify which ones are most effective and powerful.

Head up display (or HUD) is the most powerful poker tool for playing online. The HUD. These extremely sharp programs overlay transparently on the poker table to show your opponents’ tendencies and playing style. There are two types of HUDs: those that rely on a local database or those that rely on a large remote database.

Local HUDs can be used as extensions to programs like PokerOffice or Hold’em Manager. These software can collect all your online hands and organize the data to find out the characteristics of any players you’ve faced. Looseness/tightness and passiveness/aggression are measured and displayed over each player. This will allow you to instantly determine the type of player you are dealing with.

These products are well-known and used by most people. First, data mining hand histories can be purchased if you are looking for an extra advantage. You joker388  can also add information about players you have never encountered before. You may be able to tell the difference between GoldenDonk33 and a dangerous shark when you are next to him.

Alternately, if you didn’t have such information it could have cost you several stacks before your hands are sufficient to allow your local database to be updated and show these players’ tendencies. You should be aware that vendors can sell hand histories from poker rooms like pokerstars and full tilt poker. This is a prohibited practice. They cannot do anything as it is against the law for them to scan your computer information to find such purchases.

The first secret allows you to increase your local poker tracker database through purchasing hand histories. This is true whether you are already using such software or you are just starting to use them. Remote poker tracking is available in the same range of tools as the first. This product elevates the whole concept to a new level.

Poker-edge is the name of this program. Poker-edge collects millions of hands online by using an army enslaved computers that have the sole task of connecting to one of one hundred online poker rooms and recording hand histories. Poker-edge massive data mining activities result in a highly informative HUD. You don’t need to use a local poker tracker or buy hand histories. All of this background work is automatically done for you. The final result is identical, except that the stats of poker-edge players are huge.

You have the option to choose whether you want an automated remote HUD or an enhanced local poker list. If you don’t use at least one of these two secrets to build confidence in online poker, you will often wonder why your opponents seem to know your hand strength. You don’t.